Knowledge of the secrets

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knowledge of the secret is to point us back to the simply truth that is meant to cause us to prosper as Christians. It is for any Christian who has so much question to ask The Father and who are truthfully seeking the way to walk in the authority and dominion given to Christian on this earth. This knowledge of the truth is absolute OBEDIENCE TO GOD.

As Christians, if we are going to prosper, eat the best fruits of the land and walk in dominion and authority, then we need to know this secret.

Not the secret of the world, not the secret of Satan, but the knowledge of the secret. This secret is "Absolute Obedience to God". This book by the anointing of the Spirit makes this simply and straightforward truth which we need for all things.

Knowledge of the secret is for the believer who wants to see the power and the glory of the Lord. It is for the one who is saying that he is tired of being a fruitless Christian and the one who is seeking the Lord.

This book is also for all who are heavily yoked want to be set free. Jesus Christ says, He is the way to the Father, that's Salvation.

Knowledge of the secret is the only way for one to succeed as a Christian and the only way for one to walk in the abundant grace of God.